At Trafficca we specialise in Major and Minor event traffic management. 

We have been managing Large and small Events since 2008 and in that time we have had great result. Reflected by our repeated clients coming back year after year. We have a specialty management crew that focuses on events headed up by people with over 15 years of experience in the industry.  We achieve this by our involvement at the inception, making sure that we cover all previous inadequacies  to ensure  the client can have peace of mind that their event will run smoothly on the day, and if we are inheriting  an event , we ensure  that previous Inadequacies are eliminated when taking over the management of the event. 

We identify from the start the correct amount of staff needed for each event in order to meet budget requirements. We have been involved in takeovers (from other traffic management companies)  previously, where the original  provider have had too many staff or inadequate management for the event costing the client and damaging the budget. We handle all aspects of the event from pre advertising road closures with VMS (variable message Signs) to barriers for pedestrian management and water filled barriers for traffic management.


TRAFFICCA has provided cycle event management for high profile events around Victoria, Some events covering 180km on major freeways. On and Off Ramp Closures, Street and Lane Closures, Pedestrian Barriers and controls, Support vehicles.


Similar to all over Events, TRAFFICCA has provide pedestrian and vehicle management with entry control for parking and local traffic in and around Open Days for universities and AFL Club family days and premiership celebrations. 


Street festivals and parties require heavy pedestrian management and high degree of communication with event organisers before and during the event. TRAFFICCA has all the necessary skills and equipment to carry out the most complex street festivals that carry over multiple days.



Trafficca provides traffic management and control services to running events all over Victoria. Trafficca implements rolling closures and is able to open up roads as the last of running competitors finish sections. Trafficca has the ability to deploy enough traffic controllers to complete the largest of running events and a large array of traffic devices to make the necessary closures, movements and barricades.